This heater will deliver up to 180 degree water. By using propane it can be operated inside a building. All this in a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered by one person.

The Quik-Heater comes standard with the following:
• Water Manifold
• 25’ Red hot water delivery hose
• 25’ Black return water hose
• 2 – 50’ Lay Flat hoses

Water Manifold – Use with the Quik-Heater. The all in one heat manifold adapts to red and black circulation hoses. 8 PSI pressure relief gauge. Used for 3”, 4”,6” and 8” liner.

Red & Black Circulation Hose – Use with the Quik-Heater. 25 feet long with male and female camlock connectors.

LayFlat Hose – 50 feet Lay Flat hose with 1- male and 1-female hose fittings link together for heating. 100’ also available without hose fittings.

Dome Head Manifold – The Dome Head Manifold connects on the Quick-Shot™ nozzle for either heat cure or air cure.