Quik-Roller (Calibration Roller)

Calibration Hand Roller – Calibration of the impregnated liner is essential in lateral lining. This insures that the finished liner meets the ASTM specification.

Extender Table (optional) – The 5’ Roller Extender table height is even with the top of bottom roller and ends 6” higher at the end.

Electric Roller (optional) – Convert your manual roller to electric with our exclusive conversion kit.

Compact Roller & Shelves – Great for putting in your mobile shop.  Smaller roller is 21.5” wide. Mount in van, truck or trailer. Bottom storage shelves ideal for storing resin.  Can also add electric as an option.

Vacuum Pump – Pneumatic venture vacuum generator pump. Assist with wet-out of lining materials. A must have for any lateral lining project and meets the ASTM specifications. Comes in 2.2 CFM and 4.8 CFM