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Who Can Benefit?

The Quik-Shot™ is an easy operation for plumbers, drain cleaning contractors, municipalities, excavating and specialty contractors performing Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP).  Competitive price levels providing lower per foot installation costs that allow YOU to make money.

About the Quik-Shot™

The Quik-Shot™ is the most advanced lateral lining system available. Lightweight and portable and yet can continuous feed to any length.  Basic unit equipped to invert both 4” and 6”. Compatible with any and all manufacturer’s lining materials.

Where to Use?

The Quik-Shot™ System is lightweight and portable.  Its compact design can be use anywhere lining is needed (Basements, Roofs, Yards, Gardens, Streets, Easements).  Although the system fits into small spaces it is able to process a lot of liner in a short amount of time.

Easy to use Equipment and Features

Our equipment is manufactured in the USA and because of this we can take advantage of reduced shipping and logistic costs, and getting it to you quickly. Many years of research and development has perfected the  Quik-Shot™ equipment that is easy to operate, lower in cost and installs material faster than other systems in this market.


They got me set up and running in no time!  The competition can’t hold a candle to these guys. Trust me I did my research.  Highly recommended from the boys up up north!


Truly awesome service and personal attention that is rare in our industry today. Highly recommend using Pipe Lining Supply for all your pipe lining needs and materials.


They are are great company. I have traveled from a far distance. How Greg educated me was super, he took it slow and steady so it was easy to understand, and all the staff I meet was super friendly. They made this trip for me absolutely worth it . There is a family feeling in this company.


Phupei and the staff do a great job training and getting me what I need when I need it. I bought my equipment several years ago and they are great to deal with!